TradingView - an overview of the most important points
TradingView - what it is
TradingView was launched in 2011. Within a short period of time, the platform has become the most popular analytical service for traders. TradingView is also very popular with stock traders. Today the audience of the platform is more than 30 million users around the world.

The platform is presented in web-interface and as a desktop application. TradingView Desktop supports Windows, macOS and Linux. TradingView gives users access to charts, screeners, heatmaps and economic news. The TradingView community includes trading ideas, scripts (technical analysis indicators and strategies), public and private chats, and traders' broadcasts.

TradingView also integrates a trading panel for placing orders from charts.
TradingView charts platform
The TradingView platform provides a wide range of charts for instruments of different market types. The flexibility of custom chart settings made TradingView popular. The service's charts are intuitive for novice traders and meet the needs of professionals.

TradingView charts features:
flexible price scale;
more than 50 tools for drawing;
more than 100 built-in technical indicators;
weak/strong magnet mode;
fixation of drawing objects;
hiding drawing objects;
tool comparison;
analysis of separate timeframes;
automatic Fibonacci correction;
recognition of candlestick patterns;
out-of-session trading data;
data export.

TradingView implements line chart, bar chart, Japanese candlesticks, lag, area, linear breakout, etc. There are 12 types of charts in total. Up to 8 charts in one tab. Available indicator template and volume profile indicators.

Pine Script language
TradingView offers its own programming language for traders - Pine Script. The Pine Script language is placed in the public domain in the cloud storage. The TradingView users can write their own scripts (technical analysis indicators and strategies) based on the language and share them with other community members.

The TradingView cloud storage contains over 100,000 community-created technical analysis indicators and strategies. Posted custom scripts can be tested before launching them to the market. After testing, TradingView generates an indicator/strategy performance report.

Terms of Use of TradingView

TradingView offers traders a free Basic account. It is limited in functionality, contains ads and does not include access to the platform's social network.

Features of the Basic account:
a basic set of charts;
world markets data;
Multifunctional screener;
more than 50 drawing tools;
More than 100 thousand technical indicators;
12 customizable charts;
possibility of testing of trading strategies.
In order to get access to the great opportunities of TradingView you need to purchase a subscription - Pro, Pro+ and Premium. The subscription is paid monthly or per year. The first 30 days are free.

Pro subscription costs: $14.95 per month or $155.4 per year. Features:
Up to 5 indicators on one chart;
Up to 2 charts in one window;
20 alerts in the cloud;
no advertising;
volume profile indicators;
possibility of setting chart intervals;
improved lists of quotations;
market simulator on intraday bars
support of several monitors in Desktop application.

Pro+ subscription: $29.95/month or $299.4/year. Features:
Up to 10 indicators on one chart;
Up to 4 charts in one window;
100 alerts in the cloud;
10 saved charts;
Possibility to export data from the chart;
formula-based charts;
Possibility to calculate an indicator based on another indicator;
Exotic intraday chart types.

Premium subscription includes all TradingView features. Cost: $59.95/month or $599.4/year. Features:
Up to 25 indicators on one chart;
up to 8 charts in one window;
400 cloud alerts;
Unlimited number of saved charts;
Possibility to set seconds intervals;
unlimited alerts;
4 times more data on charts;
publication of scripts with limited access.
You can find the full content of each subscription on the official website of TradingView in the "Prices" section.
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